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Here is What's Inside the Core 23 Part Audio & Video Program

01 Program Overview by Bart Baggett

02 Introduction To Bart Baggett & Wealth Principles


03 What is Your Definition of True Wealth

04 The 11 Big Fears : The Roadblocks to Success

05 How to change Lifelong Belief System

06 Programming Optimism. What is Good & New?

07 The Balanced Life 


08 Introduction to Personality Through Handwriting

09 What is Your Definition of True Success 

10 Personality Success Secrets 

11 The Science of Brain Chemistry & Grapho-therapy Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy & Roadblocks to Success 

12 Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life 


13 Closed Eye Guided Meditation The Power of Meditation for Transformations

14 Toxic Vocabulary 

15 The Magic Question Process 

16 NLP Basics- Five Representational Systems 

17 Values & How to Double Your Income

18 core issues of unhappiness- Fear, Anger, Guilt, Sadness 

19 Eliciting your timeline and how to move to the past and future 


20 A New twist on Goals and Targets 

21 Why Systems Matter -.mp4 

22 Your Six Minute Daily Audio Meditation 

23 Conclusion and Wrap Up


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